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24/7 Emergency Leak Repair in 3 Easy Steps

During a rain shower, we can dispatch an emergency service crew to locate the leaking area(s) and install a temporary repair that will drastically slow down the leak, if not stop it altogether. This will help minimize potential slip and fall accidents, production slowdowns, and interior damage.



Detailed Assessment & Permanent Repair Quotation

The service crew will inform our estimating department of the requirements for installing permanent repairs. A detailed report and quotation will be provided, offering the optimal repair tailored to you and your building's needs. Upon receiving your authorization, we will proceed with the permanent repairs.


Rapid Response & Temporary Repair

A specialized crew will be dispatched  to the site to meet the designated contact and initiate their leak investigation into the leak. Upon identifying the split in the roof system, they will apply a unique powder concrete solution for a temporary repair. This powder concrete is engineered to rapidly solidify upon contact with water, effectively sealing the fracture until a permanent solution can be implemented.


Emergency Service Request

For the quickest response time, we recommend calling our office at 416-744-7788 to request an emergency service crew. Our average response time ranges from 30 to 90 minutes, ensuring prompt assistance when you need it most.

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