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Ensuring Safety and Success:
Why Health and Safety Training is Vital for Industrial Flat Roofing

The key to running an industrial roofing business lies in prioritizing a safe work environment. Health and safety training provides our employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize risks, evaluate dangers, and take appropriate actions to minimize them.
When employees feel secure and well-supported, they are more likely to excel in their roles, resulting in higher quality work with low accident rates or setbacks. By fostering a culture of safety awareness through training, companies can not only decrease the chances of incidents but also boost overall performance and reputation.
Health and safety systems and practices form the cornerstone of a thriving and enduring industrial roofing enterprise. By investing in the welfare of our workforce, we establish a safe workplace, enhance efficiency, and ensure adherence to regulations. Ultimately, valuing health and safety isn't just a requirement but also a moral duty that benefits everyone within the sector.

crown industrial roofing is in compliance and in good standing with Workplace Safety Insurance Board (W.S.I.B) and carries $10 Million Liability and Commercial Property Damage Insurance Certificates available upon request.

our licenses and certificates:

— Working at Heights
— RE-O Propane training – Roof equipment operator
— Supervisor Health and Safety in 5 Steps
— Worker Health and Safety Training in 4 steps
— Supervisor Due Diligence
— Basics of Supervising
— Roofing Advanced Techniques
— Flameless Solutions
— Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)
— Canada Fuels Operations (Imperial)
— Material handling, Equipment Operation and Diesel Fuel Safety Awareness  
— Incident Investigation and Reporting Awareness
— Forklift Certified

Swing Stage and Bosuns Chair Training

— Boatswain's Chair

— Suspended Access Equipment
— Elevated Work Platform Training Certified

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