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roof leak repair
roof repair

You Have a Flat Roof Leak?

At Crown Industrial Roofing, we understand that unexpected roof leaks and repairs are not an "exciting purchase." They are downright frustrating and burdensome. That's why we do our utmost to eliminate as many pain points as we can that are within our control. We prioritize effective communication and provide tailored repair solutions that fit your budget, whether you're the owner, manager, or lessee. 

We install permanent repairs backed by an industry-leading workmanship warranty, ensuring your peace of mind so you can focus on managing your business with confidence.

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Our Strengths

47+ Years of Experience

Competitive Pricing

Expert Technicians


 Workmanship Warranty
(up to 15 years)

Roof Leak Repair in 3 Easy Steps


Inspection Estimate Request

Please fill out the form or contact our customer service department at
416-744-7788 to request an inspection estimate for a leak repair. Following your request, you will promptly receive notification and be connected with an experienced flat roofing estimator to schedule a convenient time for our visit.



Detailed Assessment & Permanent Repair Quotation

Upon completion of the inspection, you will be provided with a comprehensive report and a customized repair proposal that best suits your building's requirements. Once you approve the proposal, we will promptly proceed with the necessary repairs.


We strive to deliver your detailed report within 48 hours of your request to ensure a swift and efficient service experience.


On-Site Assessment & Consultation

Upon arrival at the site, the assigned contact person will guide our estimator to the identified problem areas within the building. Following a brief question session to understand your specific needs and preferences, our estimator will proceed to conduct a thorough visual inspection of the roof.

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