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Infrared Scans

Infrared scans involve using an infrared camera to detect and identify moisture in the roof system not visible from the surface. By pinpointing problem areas, repairs can be targeted, saving time and money compared to traditional methods of manually searching and performing core cuts into the roof system. This is especially useful on extremely large and complex roof systems, as well as before you purchase a new industrial or commercial property.


Unlike invasive methods like core sampling, infrared scans are non-invasive and do not damage the roof system.


Overall, performing a flat roof infrared scan is a valuable tool for detecting the exact location and precise amount of wet insulation in your roof system. Ask one of our experienced estimators if an infrared roof scan is right for you.

How Does It Work?

infrared scans

Have questions or need assistance? Contact our office at 416-744-7788 or fill out the form below.


Infrared Scan in 3 easy steps


Detailed Assessment & Permanent Repair Quotation

You will receive a comprehensive report, detailed schematic of all areas found and a detailed quotation, and recommendations for repair. Our estimator will be available to address all your questions promptly.

*Performing a flat roof infrared scan involves using an infrared camera to detect areas of inquiries and make any necessary adjustments to the proposal until you are completely confident in moving forward with the project.


On-Site Assessment & Consultation

Once approved, our estimator will coordinate with the assigned contact. Scans are conducted in the late evening as the outside temperature drops. The estimator will perform a thorough inspection and analysis of the existing roof system and rooftop equipment, marking the exact areas that require attention with spray paint on the roof surface.


Inspection Estimate Request

Please fill out the form or contact our customer service department at
416-744-7788 to request a quote for an infrared scan. Following your request, you will promptly receive notification and be connected with an experienced flat roofing estimator to schedule a convenient time for our visit or phone call.

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