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Seasonal Inspection

roofing project
roofing project

It's crucial to conduct a visual roof inspection for splits or fractures caused by freeze-thaw cycles during winter. Promptly repairing these issues can prevent costly leak repairs in the future. During our thorough visual inspection, we will look for ponding water, membrane damage, flashing problems, clogged drains, vegetation growth, HVAC issues, caulking at stacks, vents, electrical conduit boxes, cones, pressure ridging and blisters. Regular assessments after winter, summer, and before fall are typically free and vary based on roof size and number of roof elevations. 

By addressing these concerns proactively, you can enhance the longevity and performance of your industrial or commercial flat roof, avoiding expensive repairs down the line. Not unlike getting the oil changed in your car, your roof system requires a little maintenance to ensure it reaches its expected life cycle.  Our customers have not only saved thousands of dollars on potential leak repairs but have also extended their roof's lifespan by several years.

roofing project
roofing project

Seasonal Inspection in 3 Easy Steps


Inspection Estimate Request

Please fill out the form or contact our customer service department at
416-744-7788 to request a general assessment inspection.
Following your request, you will promptly receive notification and be connected with an experienced flat roofing estimator to schedule a convenient time for our visit.



Detailed Assessment & Permanent Repair Quotation

You will receive a comprehensive report and detailed quotation that is specifically tailored to your building's needs and the recommended maintenance required.  Our estimator will be readily available to address all your inquiries and make any necessary adjustments to the proposal until you are completely confident in moving forward with the project.


On-Site Assessment & Consultation

Upon arrival at the site, our estimator will meet the assigned contact person. Following a brief question session our estimator will proceed to conduct a thorough inspection and analysis of the existing roof system, rooftop equipment.

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