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What To Do In Weather-Related Flat Roofing Emergencies

Canadian weather is harsh. Between the rain, sleet, snow, wind, and severe storms that occur, danger to your flat roofing can emerge unexpectedly. The aftermath of these weather events - including sitting water, snow, and debris – are just as treacherous. New leaks...

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Flat Roof Leak Detection with Infrared Scanning Technology

Crown Industrial Roofing’s Infrared Scanning technology provides a proven, cost effective method of early flat roof leak detection, and can help save your business from the costs of more serious and expensive flat roof repairs and replacements. Benefits of Infrared...

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Top 5 Warning Signs Your Flat Roof Has A Leak

There are several signs that a building’s flat roof may have a leak. Some signs are obvious, but others may appear to be unrelated. Today we want to share these 5 signs that your flat roof is leaking, so you can detect the problem early, schedule an inspection and...

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